"Wow, if I was the leader of this person's company I would immediately terminate them."

Reader mail is the only thing that brings me joy in this cruel world of spreadsheets and sprints:, but will take a while to reply after the deluge of emails following the AI post. I do read everything.

I will prioritize responding if:

  1. You live in Melbourne and want coffee.
  2. You are a student seeking advice.
  3. You are an unemployed engineer that shares my values who needs help, especially from marginalized communities.
  4. You want to invite me onto a podcast or something because the flames of my ego are a roaring inferno that needs constant feeding, to the dismay of all those around me.

Podcast which is just me chatting with readers and friends, get those famous clout-chasers outta here.

Mastodon because it's so much nicer than Twitter.

Twitter which only exists so that I can comment on posts whenever I'm featured on a podcast, which is not a sentence I ever expected to type.

Liberapay | Patreon so that I become less vulnerable to corporate cancellation.