"This seems like it was written by a first year IT associate who doesn't really understand either side of this cycle."

"While I'm deeply sympathetic, the author should be discussing their issues with a therapist rather than spreading this on the internet."

"I don’t like throwing around out the phrase 'privileged/out of touch' too often but this post doesn’t seem fit for the top position of HN."

"Author is NOT the victim. They have a lack of people skills that could be remedied by taking some proper coursework, or seeking professional help. The companies author is working for are the victims."

"Unreadable. Organize your thoughts, write concisely. You believe you have something to say; we would love to hear it. But we aren’t willing to wade through a sewage of words."

"This whole blog reads like a manifesto from an angry young mid level engineer who is good at software but awful with people."

"A dev thinking everyone is stupid but him.


"Hello from the 90%. You aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are, and I’d bet you’re just as insufferable as your writing implies."

"Author is stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are tech companies that act on data, admit failings, train people management as an important craft, support individual and organizational growth, reward humility at all levels, etc.

Those organizations also won't hire someone with an attitude this toxic."

"I'm sorry, but this needs a privilege/gratitude check. You are guaranteed your salary, and you're welcome to take on the same level of risk your company is by starting your own. If you think it's so easy go ahead."

"There is a high likelihood that many other people in the org were lightyears ahead of the author. It's even more likely that an engineer or manager in their group was "Banking" the inefficiencies to use during a cost-cutting period - and the author ruined that chance... which will inevitably cause massive suffering and possibly poor performance reviews when there is nothing to trim."

"I think the author should take a vacation."

"The superior tone of the writing is wild to me, because it isn't exactly a story where I think the author looks great. Certainly others look worse in the story, but still, finding an issue and apparently barely trying to convince others it's an issue is not impressive."

"I love how the author is just too busy solving problems brought about by idiots (not him, of course), but never mentions solving problems via:

  1. Improving dashboard engagement through awareness. Maybe through something like periodic email blasts that showcase metrics from the dashboards.


But, no, the author is too smart for that nonsense... "

"This story sounds relatable, but the author is so obnoxious it’s annoying."

"The counter-example of a software to abstract SQL queries is weird. This is exactly what we have been doing with other levels of abstraction, happily so. Why write Python instead of just using a compiled language? Because it's easier, and allows you to hire different types of people and focus on higher order problems. Maybe that's offensive if you are a world-class programmer like the author seems to think he is."